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Printing in Kitomba (other than receipts)


There are several things that you may want to print from Kitomba that fall into the 'other' category. These include: reports, customer histories, stock orders etc.

By default Kitomba prints to A4 size. However you may wish to print to another size paper. To do this it is important that you have made sure your printer is set up to print to the paper size you want to use. (This will depend on your type of printer and will be in your printer instructions).

You can select what size you want to print from Kitomba by just selecting the printer you want. You do not need to change any printer settings at the time.

Printing from Kitomba

When you select print in Kitomba a box will pop up You just need to select the printer from the Name drop down list.

and click Print.

If this does not print at the right size you will need to check that printing is set up correctly in Kitomba.


Setting up printing in Kitomba 

Go to the Admin tab.

Select Preferences from the list on the left hand side.

Go to the Invoicing tab and look at the printing section at the bottom of page.


 In the printing section, open the drop down menu next to Printer to use for other printouts

Printing to A4

You will see a list of the printers installed on your computer. Select the printer you want to use. In this case you should select the printer that is set for A4 size


Printing to A5 

Select the Your Printer A5 from the drop down list.

In the Preferred print size for other printouts field make sure it is set to normal.

 The Shrink and Receipt options are not recommended and you will have better success at getting the right size printing by using your printer settings. 

Once you have selected the options 

Click Save to save changes.

Printing not the right size

Check you have selected the correct printer.
Check that your printer settings are correct for the size you want. 




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