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Prepare for Xero checklist


Kitomba’s Xero integration allows you to automatically send your cash drawer reconciliation from Kitomba to Xero.

Before you connect to Xero there are a few things you need to do, so we suggest working through the checklist below to get started.

1. Talk to your accountant or financial advisor to ensure our Xero integration is right for you and your business.

Talk to your accountant or financial advisor for advice on purchasing Xero or upgrading your package. If you don't check if you use the standard or premium Xero package.

If required get in touch with Xero to purchase Xero or upgrade your package

Ensure you use cash based accounting. To check this, visit your Xero financial settings or talk to your accountant or financial advisor.

Review your Kitomba payment types in the Kitomba Admin tab. For tips on how to set these up, check out our support guide.

 Check your Xero accounts are set up correctly in the chart of accounts. Visit Xero’s support guide for assistance.

Check that your Kitomba payment types and Xero accounts match. This is important as you’ll need to link them together. Visit our support guide for some tips.

 If you’d like to reconcile your Kitomba takings with your bank deposits connect your bank account to Xero. Visit Xero’s support guide to understand how to do this.

You're now ready to connect to Xero. To learn how to get started, visit our support guide .


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