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Setting up Kitomba's Xero integration

Save time with Kitomba’s Xero integration by sending your cash drawer reconciliation from Kitomba to Xero.

Before you connect Kitomba to Xero please complete the getting started checklist


  • To use this feature you must have the Standard or Premium Xero package.
  • If you use accrual based accounting you will not be able to use our Xero integration.
  • If you're a multi-site business you will need to set up each location separately.

Connect Xero to Kitomba

1. Go to the Settings tab in Kitomba 1. 

2. Select Xero in the left hand panel followed by 'Connect to Xero".

 Select the Connect now button. 

4. You'll be asked to Log in to your Xero account and allow access. 

You will then be taken back to Kitomba 1 where you link your Kitomba payment types to your Xero accounts.


Link your Kitomba payment types to your Xero accounts. 

1. If you need to create new payment types, visit our support guide

 In Kitomba One under the Xero Connect Kitomba to Xero link go to the Set up payment Types tab.

Link each Kitomba payment type to a Xero account using the drop-down menu, alternatively you can choose Don't send to Xero. Complete this for all your listed payment types.



4. Select Save.

Set up tax rates and Xero revenue account

1. Go to the Set up tax rates and Xero revenue account tab in Kitomba One.

 Select the appropriate tax rate from the drop-down list. You must do this for both Standard and Zero-rated tax types. 


3. Kitomba has set up a default revenue account called 'Kitomba revenue' which you can use. Your Kitomba revenue account in Xero shows your total sales figure for each day. This figure is added when your cash drawer reconciliation is sent from Kitomba to Xero.

Note: The total sales figure is the total of all payment types linked to a Xero account. Both standard and zero-rated sales are sent to Xero.

If you'd like to use an alternative revenue account, select 'Edit', and choose your preferred account from the drop drown list. If you want to create a new revenue account you need to do this in Xero.




5. Select Save.


Now that you are all set up you can start sending your cash drawer reconciliation from kitomba to Xero  

To learn how to use the integration, visit our support guide .


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