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Receipt printing for PC

There are a lot of printers out there and we are unable to provide the instructions for all the different types. We have included some examples of how to set up a printer here. Please check your printer instructions for further assistance.

  • We support the following receipt printers:
    • Star TSP 100 Series: TSP 113 / TSP 143
    • Epson TM-T88 Series: TM-T88III / TM-T88IV / TM-T88V
    • Epson TM-T20
  • Important note: Kitomba is not compatible with serial receipt printers (USB receipt printers only)

We recommend Star or Epson brand printers (Star are much easier to setup)

If you are planning to use a cash drawer, ensure your printer has an RJ12 port. This, when configured, will open the cash drawer after printing a receipt. Any model of cash drawer will work, provided it's RJ12-compatible (as the printer triggers the cash drawer).

It is important to ensure that your printer has full and current manufacturer drivers for your operating system/device. Older printers and scanners without current drivers, or printers configured to work with OPOS or other native (non operating system) drivers may be difficult to configure. You can test this by attempting to print something from Notepad. TextEdit, or Word. If this works, you can print from Kitomba.

Setting up your receipt printer.

Star TSP100 or TSP143 series printers are reliable thermal printers. To ensure trouble free printing we recommend setting the default print size, this guide will show how to do this for both Windows and Mac.


Navigate to your TSP100 printer icon located under 'Printers'
Right click and select 'Printing preferences'

Select the tab 'Advanced'
Ensure the following settings

Navigate to your TSP100 printer icon located under 'Printers'

Right click and select 'Printer properties'

Select the tab 'Advanced'

Select the tab 'Printer defaults
Ensure the following settings:


select ok.



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