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  • Da Vinci Skin Clinic

    I was told a payment portal this would be set up with would be eWAY (which I used with a previous software provider and rates were better then paypal.
    I was also told it would be running before Christmas 2018.
    Is this still the case?

  • Donna

    I am sorry you were misinformed about this. There are currently no plans to add other payment options than Paypal in Online booking.

  • Beauty and Skin on Clyde

    Is there a way to customise the voucher? We have a printed voucher design that we want to use for the online vouchers too, since the current online format is just our logo. Where can I edit this in K1 and can I also edit the text fields too?

  • Donna

    Currently you can only choose to have your vouchers with a colour band header or you can select to use the same banner as your Online Booking banner.
    You cannot change the set text, however, you can add additonal information to your online vouchers up to a Maximum of 500 characters.

    If having a feature where you can customise these vouchers is important to you please consider adding a feature request to our community page.

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