Taking deposits for Online Bookings




  • Natalie Schepis

    can we have a deposit option applied to certain services only. you wouldn't take a deposit for a kids cut, but would for a three hour service. can kitomba work on deposits for selected services only?

  • Donna

    Hi Natalie
    Currently you can only take a deposit for every service, however I will add this to the feature request list to be considered in the future.

  • marcia bailey

    Yes would be great if we could take a deposit for big services only e.g. Full foils / balayage as these take a lot of time and no shows can be a real problem as you may have turned away clients and you have a lot of time booked out

  • Hair on Barkly

    The thing that puts me off taking up the deposit option is that the client must make a deposit at the booking time and has no choice. Im concerned a new client will then surf to find a non deposit salon nearby. Also if the service is small say $30 can the system then go directly to prepaid if they wish. Like a parent paying for a student cut but doesn't need to attend with them.

  • Dan Dixon

    Will there be more options added to online deposits??
    No Show clients etc etc.
    We feel we would actually lose online clients if we activated feature this however if we could create bad customer lists or new client % then it would be amazing..

  • Donna

    There is no plan for adding options to Online bookings at this time. However if you have some suggestions of what would help you use this feature please enter these into the community page. This is where we look for ideas for future development.

  • Skinologie 2

    If we apply the o line booking deposits does that mean when a client rebooks there appointment in salon we should also be taking deposits?

  • Our Place Salon AUSTRALIA

    Hi there,
    I've just been looking up how to set up deposits for online bookings but as most of the other people on this chat I'm wanting it for new clients and also big services.
    99% of our no-show/late cancellation problems are with new clients.
    Please let me know if/when you change these settings.

    Kind regards, Natalie

  • 52 Hair Co AUSTRALIA

    Hi Donna, It's now a few months ago since this was being discussed - Is the feature for long services and new client deposits ONLY, activated yet? Thanks, Angela

  • Donna

    Hi Angela
    Thank you for your comment. This feature is on the list of feature requests in our communty section. We monitor these requests and the ones that have the highest votes are considered in the development plan. If this is a feature you want please add your vote. (if you search for 'Online booking deposit for new clients' you will find the request).

    warm regards

  • Kylee

    Is there anyway that this can also be activated for bookings made via phone etc? Cancellations and no-shows don't discriminate on how their appointment was originally made. Thanks

  • Donna

    Hi Kylee
    There is no way to automate a deposit on an appointment other than in Online bookings.
    However, you could take a payment from the customer at the time of the phone booking using their credit card details and manually enter this in Kitomba. If they are then a 'no show' you could have a service set up as "No Show" and use this as the service in the customers invoice. This would then use the deposit in the customers account to pay for it.
    Hope this helps.
    warm regards

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