Appointment value report in Kitomba 1



  • Amajjika Kumara

    The Appointment value report shows the number of appointments, the average $ value total by appointment and the average lead time in days

    What does the average lead time in days actually mean?

    What is the significance of it and how do we use it?

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  • Donna

    The average lead time means the time between when the booking is made and and the actual appointment. 

    The information in the appointment value report can be used to help understand how your clients are booking across different methods. 

    For example,you could see in this report that the average lead time is shorter in online booking compared to bookings made on site in Kitomba.  This could indicate that clients are using Online booking to make last minute bookings. It could also indicate with the longer time frames that they are rebooking at the time of appointment. 

    If you combined this information with the average spend of the appointment it might help you with making some business decisions on how to use Online booking and rebooking in the client journey. 

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